A+R: Travel Themed Engagement Invitations

Our very own NuptiGal, Elizabeth Ellen, designed these beautiful and cute passport inspired invitations for Andrianne + Reid’s Engagement celebration later this summer! We found these great Moleskine notebooks in navy that perfectly fit the bill and designed a seal for A+R which we embossed onto the front of the books and the flap of the envelopes (don’t you just love the vintage map liners Andrianne did herself?!). I took the inset photo of the two of them last month at Meridian Hill Park. I loved this door we found next to the fountain with handwritten chalk graffiti. I had Andrianne draw a heart with A+R inside (which you can see in the right top corner of the photo) and Elizabeth took this little detail and carried it through to the invite and RSVP cards, how cute!


I used the vintage suitcase from the stop motion save-the-date video I did for them a couple months ago as a backdrop for these charming travel themed invites.

Andrianne + Reid :: Save the Date (Engagement Fete Info) from Christophile Konstas on Vimeo.

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Yippee for Whoopies! Dollop Desserts! Richmond, VA

Hello! Christophile here. I know “Nuptial Notes” is really Amy’s territory to explore the bridal world as she forges her own path down the aisle, but since I live in Richmond (and Amy lives in Northern Virginia) I thought I could share some of the vendors I love down here with you all!

Introducing Nicole Lang Key of Dollop Desserts!

Nicole puts the gourmet into comfort baked goods. And she doesn’t stop at just whoopies as that beautiful lemon meringue pie below attests! All these desserts were made for a wedding reception dessert buffet at Amuse Restaurant in the VMFA.


Nicole and I are collaborating on a documentary about Pimento Cheese of all things! Pimento Cheese Please! will be premiering this October at the Southern Foodways Alliance Symposium in Oxford, Mississippi. SO if you have any stories or recipes you have to share with us please email me at christophile [at] nuptigals.com Thanks y’all!



Last note…have you had your whoopie pie today?

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Sales racks & lady bugs

Last weekend I went with my engaged lady crew  to check out White Swan Bridal in Vienna, VA.

Yes, White Swan was selected by The Knot brides as the “Best of Weddings” for 2007, 2008, and 2009. And yes, they gave us red-carpet service and offered us free bottled water. But, in all honesty, what I was really impressed by was the top floor where there were dozens of dresses ON SALE. Not ‘on sale’ like some boutiques advertise, but REALLY ON SALE.  Gorgeous dresses, some for under $500. Yup, that’s them – right below hanging in the plastic bags. Sale rack. Love it.

After we finished ogling the dresses, we ran across the street to check out Trousseau, a little shop dedicated to the ‘art of romance.’  We spent time perusing the beautiful lingerie and admiring the gorgeous jewelry. Then, just as we were about to leave, I saw them –  gourmet chocolates by Moonstruck. Look at those little ladybugs! Just plotting to make sure that I don’t fit into Trousseau’s sexy bustiers.

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Let me eat CAKE!

When I told my friends that I was going to a cake show, the general response was either a blank stare or something along the lines of “Oh, like the Cake Boss?”

Huh? No – not like the Cake Boss. Actually, I wasn’t really sure it would be like but it was happening in Northern Virginia, not JERSEY.

So on Sunday I walked through the doors of NOVA’s Ernst Center and the salivation began. And I realized, The National Capital Area Cake Show was actually a little pocket of Jersey right in VA. I loved it. Pure sugar art heaven.

I started with the live wedding cake challenges. And who do you think I saw? Jay Qualls, assisted by Dana Herbert. The Cake Bosses were in the house.

And there were more celebrated bakers: Carolina Lara (assisted by Alexandra Parker) of Bella’s Confectionary Arts (PA), Joseph Cumm (assisted by Joe Deal) of Southeast Culinary (VA), and Ashlee Trotter (assisted by Peggy Tucker) of Ruth’s Sweete Justice straight from Oklahoma City.


I moved on to check out finished wedding cakes from local vendors. Confectioner’s Art, Cake Fest, and Cakes by Linda showed me that Jersey may have the Cake Boss, but VA represents. I’d been dying to see Cakes by Linda in person ever since I saw her site linked on United With Love. These cakes claimed to taste as good as they look but I have to admit it would feel wrong to eat them. Well…. a little wrong.

Okay, now on to the wedding cake challenge. Bakers were given the biography of a real couple and challenged to make the perfect cake: Couple: Kortni O’Grodnick and Aaron Kelly Wedding date: April 2, 2011 Wedding location and time: Harbour View in Woodbridge, VA at 5pm Theme: Simple, yet elegant

The ceremony will be outside on the patio and the reception will be inside in the converted barn. The wedding colors chosen by the bride are ivory, navy and kiwi green. The bride will be wearing a dress by Alfred Angelo, in ivory with a navy ribbon. Bouquet: Ivory Roses with grass blades looking through a navy blue ribbon on the stems. She’s also having ivory Calla Lilies, mini ivory Cymbidium Orchids, and peonies at the reception. Kortni would love to see these flowers incorporated in her cake design. The bridesmaids will be wearing dresses by Alfred Angelo in navy. The Maid of Honor will be in kiwi green. They are not traditional people and would love to see other shapes besides round in their wedding cake. They are intrigued by the notion of a monogram on their cake, but don’t have a specific style in mind. Kortni and Aaron met 11 years ago and are the perfect compliments of each other. Kortni co-owns her own custom cake shop and Aaron loves to cook. They both have an interest in photography as a hobby. The are honeymooning in Europe for three weeks. Kortni has never been but Aaron enjoys Italy and Germany. Aaron’s favorite artist is Monet, and Kortni’s is Van Gogh. The wedding cakes must be a minimum of three tiers and incorporate at least four specific pieces of information mentioned above.

Here are some of my favorites:

Krystina Gianaris of Millstone, NJ

Man I wanted to scoop som’a that icing right off the side and write my name with my tongue. You know – normal things a 30-year-old would have the urge to do.

Anna Weisend of Brunswick, OH:

There was so much attention to detail on Anna’s cake. I’ve never seen a cake quite like this one. And why wasn’t it falling over? Magic. Sugar magic.

Lizanette Velez of Capitol Heights, MD:


Those flowers are made out of ICING?! Gorgeous. Lizanette even incorporated kiwi green. Impressive.

Denise Reigle of Westminister, MD:



Denise’s cake is simply elegant. Beautiful.

I left the cake show with a rumbling in my stomach (I strategically left all of my cash in the car) and sugar art on my mind. Such an amazing way to spend an afternoon.

PS: If you happen to be Kortni O’Grodnick and/or Aaron Kelly – which cake did you pick? And please please tell me what you did with the other cakes?! Either you had over a thousand guests OR you are saving five of those cakes for your favorite NuptiGAL?!

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David’s Bridal

On Saturday I took a trip with my girls to David’s Bridal in Springfield. We tried on bridesmaid dresses for Georgia’s wedding (wootwoot!). While we were there I thought I’d peruse…

NuptiGALS 11319

Here are two products that I never even knew existed. Hairspray for your face?

For the flower girls.
I’m going to have three – all under the age of two (which, by the way, is completely NOT recommended in all of the wedding magazines that I’ve read – but they will be so ADORABLE. It’s worth the risk of wandering flowers).

My ring bearer will be a girl (represent!) but I have a feeling she prefers blue to pink anyway:
NuptiGALS 11319

And last but not least, essential sideboob protection:
NuptiGALS 11319

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