about the gals

NuptiGALS are here to capture your day!

Your wedding day is going to turn out perfectly. How do we know? Because not only have we each personally walked down the aisle (with one in the works!), but between the three of us, we’ve captured hundreds of weddings on film and video. And one thing that seems to be a common factor between all of these completely unique events? No matter how many hiccups happen, everything always seems to fall into place.

After the big day has drawn to a close, the presents have been opened, and the honeymoon has been honeymooned, you’ll find yourself wishing you could do it all over again. That’s where we swoop in. We’re Christophile Konstas, Elizabeth Ellen and Amy Hendrick, and our superpowers allow us to turn back the clock and let you relive one of the most important days of your life again and again.

Okay, so maybe we don’t have actual superpowers. But we do feel that we have a talent for preserving your wedding experience just the way that you want it, using our combined expertise in photography, HD videography, editing, and design. And we’ll work with you to make sure we understand your needs from the start, so that we’re able to carefully consider your options and design a perfectly customized tribute to your special day.

Take a look around our site and see how our super-skills can capture your day.

Christophile Konstas: Photographer & Filmmaker
Christophile has been photographing/filming nuptials and celebrations for over 10 years. She came to realize the real magnitude of having these special moments documented when she herself wed three years ago and the day flew by in a blissful blur. “I remember thinking we were so lucky and honored to have all these people we love together here to celebrate and bear witness to our union. The love and support of the day was an intoxicating elixir I wanted to bottle up forever, I just wanted to freeze time. Luckily, I have my photographs to look back on whenever I need a shot of that magic potion!”
She hopes to do the same for her brides and bottle up the magic of their special days. “It reminds me of something Dorothea Lange, a photographer super hero of mine, once said, ‘Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.’ ”

Elizabeth Ellen: Custom Designer
With over a decade in the design business under her belt working on professional campaigns, Elizabeth’s real passion is in the little details. She translates her love of design into “mini campaigns” for a couples special day. Whether you just need wedding invitations or a whole look and feel for your big day, she’s on the case!
“My favorite element is infusing little details about the couple into the look and feel of the invitation, something that makes it special and memorable for the couple, something you cant buy at the store. I love the details you can only get by hand. I have had so many people tell me that the invitation has become a special keepsake for them and their guests! That’s why I love what I do, I love meeting a new couple and taking a fresh new approach that is so personal to them, and helping them bring their vision to light!” Whether its save-the-dates, wedding invitations, escort cards, programs, thank you cards, custom logos, custom wedding favors, you name it she’s on the job!

Amy Hendrick: Photographer & Filmmaker
Half photographer and half filmmaker, Amy has been capturing life with a camera since she was sixteen years old. “I’m drawn to unexpected beauty and quirky personalities. Weddings are full of both.”
Amy knows how much time and energy couples spend to make the day perfect.  “It’s such a privilege to bear witness to one of the most important times in a couple’s life. The ability to preserve these special moments forever is a gift that I’m blessed to have.”